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Check out my new super simple cooking set up: a Trangia burner, a bit of twisted wire for the pot to sit on and some flattened beer cans for a wind shield. The Trangia burner is so simple that nothing at all can go wrong with it.

I think the twisted wire and beer can aluminium is rather stylish, myself.

The only potential drama is going to be the availability of alcohol… let’s see how that goes… if the worst comes to the worst I’m sure there is always some form of moonshine available that will do the trick in a pinch.


So far it’s been absolutely hassle free* and doesn’t seem to me to be significantly slower than the Primus Omnifuel. I am contemplating making or buying a more sophisticated light weight stand and wind sheild but I can’t actually see anything particularly wrong with this set-up. I would welcome any comments or suggestions, though, on the subject of fuel efficiency and any other practical considerations. The distance between the base of the pot and the burner when using the current stand is about 5 cm which I believe optimises efficiency while minimising sootiness.

The dodgy Primus is going to wing its way to Sweden for repair and then go into storage. The guys I have been dealing with at Primus in Sweden have been pretty helpful and supportive overall and I still feel that the Omnifuel is a good stove but it just doesn’t seem to cope that well with long term use of low grade fuels. Not to mention the fact that the Trangia is lighter and smaller – although it uses more fuel which can easily offset that advantage.

*… apart from one meal-on-the-ground disaster caused by a failure of the first pot stand that I made (pictured here) which was constructed with copper electrical wire – the only thing that happened to be available from the village store at a time when I was in urgent need of a cup of coffee – which became annealed after a few uses and consequently so soft that it collapsed with an over vigorous stir.

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  1. Lucie | June 30, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    Oh Anna, I can see you went a long way since we talked last time on Gmail! I haven’t been on your site since (sorry about that!), and now I am completely captivated by the beauty of your pictures, and your writing, too. This is a book, this must be a book! I still have the picture of you leaving on your bike along Vltava to see your friends in Kralupy (not sure), and now you’re again in the middle of the jungle. Love the photos of the pigs, the “fireman angel”, the rain, the flowers… they are all exceptional. Please stay safe! Love from Lucie

  2. Lucie | June 30, 2013 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    I mean “I have a picture of you on my mind” – too bad I didn’t take any actual pictures when you were here with us. Next time for sure!

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