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{ Monthly Archives } August 2013

zig zag logic

PERÚ: HUARAZ — LA MERCED — RECAUY — HATUN MACHAY — PASTORURI — CHIQUIAN HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS Straight lines and direct routes simply don’t suit me – I am not that pragmatic. HATUN MACHAY On reaching the highway I overshoot the turn off to my chosen route south towards Cusco over the Pastoruri pass, by […]

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still alive..

Just a note to let people know I’m still alive but internet connections are few and far between. I’ll post a bunch of ‘catch up’ posts soon.

people and bikes

PERÚ: HUARAZ I haven’t come across that many other cyclists so far during my South American travels but it seems like maybe that is about to change.

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in and out of huaraz

PERÚ: IN AN OUT OF HUARAZ Huaraz is not a pretty town – most of it was destroyed in the 70s by a massive earthquake and the city which rose phoenix-like from the ruins is a rude mass of raw concrete block and cheap brick constructions, a forest of exposed steel reinforcing sprouting from flat […]

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on feet

PERÚ: CEDROS DE ALPAMAYO My circuit by bicycle of the Olimpia and Llunganuco passes with their spectacular mountain backdrops left me wanting more. I long to get closer still to those peaks and investigate their icy mysteries in greater detail. Emboldened by my six day trek in the El Cocuy National Park in the north […]

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political sign language

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