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people and bikes


I haven’t come across that many other cyclists so far during my South American travels but it seems like maybe that is about to change.

Etienne from Canada, with whom I shared a dormitory at Santiago's House, is one of those cyclists who provides me with a degree of comfort...

... when I feel that I am carrying way too much stuff. His Arkel panniers appear bottomless and I could not get his rig to budge a single millimetre from the ground.

As I finally find myself climbing definitively out of Hauraz for the last time, into the Cordillera Negra, I fortuitously run across Ben, a Peace Corps volunteer just about to head back to the US after a two year stint working with young people in a small village in the Cordillera Blanca,...

...with his wife Katy, here sporting excellent makeshift gloves...

... and a simply splendid home-made frame bag. Ben and Katy are taking the opportunity to explore a bit of Peru on their bikes before heading home. Their work in the village included setting up a bike workshop and teaching young people basic bike maintenance skills.

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