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people and bikes


Estrelita is the cycle tourist’s hostel of choice in Cusco and I find myself happily ensconced there – for a what stretches into almost a week – catching up with old friends and making new ones.

On my way from Ollantaytambo to Cusco I encounter this Swiss family on bikes.

The three year old pedals away behind mum on a tag along and the 11 month old snoozes in a trailer behind dad.

Estrelita is the cyclist's choice in Cusco and I meet new friends in the sunny courtyard...

... and catch up with some old ones. I am tempted to set off to La Paz with Salva, a Spaniard that I first encountered in person in Santa Catalina after some years of cycle forum correspondence, who has been on the road seven years,...

... and Etienne, who I met in Huaraz.

They leave together, aiming to be in La Paz within a week via the highway. I eventually decide to tarry in Peru a little longer with the idea of heading towards Arequipa on some high altitide mining roads via a route discovered by the Pikes.

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