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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013


BOLIVIA/CHILE: LA PAZ — CALAMARCA — PATACAMAYA — CALLAPA — SAJAMA — TAMBO QUEMADO — SALAR DE SURIRE — ISLUGA — COLCHANE Recently, in a somewhat self-indulgent moment, on somebody else’s blog, I was bemoaning my lack of inclusion in any ‘tribe’. But, really, one of the best – and perhaps most unexpected – things […]

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first impressions of bolivia

Lake Titicaca is still there: the Peruvian/Bolivian border dissects it roughly in the middle.* La Paz is another of those South American cities with a Casa de Ciclistas – Christian manages to find accommodation for anyone on two wheels who passes through La Paz and requests it, sometimes in an apartment dedicated to the purpose […]


exit peru

PERÚ: TRES CAÑONES — ESPINAR — LLAMAC — PUNO — YUNGUYO Perú is endlessly fascinating and l feel I have barely scratched the surface but there always comes a time to leave. With the Andean wet season setting in, the prospect of – maybe – getting to Patagonia this season, rather than next, starts to […]

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PERÚ Somewhere, I am slipped a false 5 soles coin. Mostly when I’m given bills, especially larger ones, I keep an eye out but it never occured to me that it would make economic sense to produce fake coins. If I had ever thought about it at all I had always assumed that the cost […]


political sign language, part 3

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PERÚ: CUSCO– SAN TOMAS — QUIÑOTA — CULIPAMPA — ARCATA — CAYLLOMA* Mountains. Sunlight, sunrise, sunset. Rain, wind, snow. Lakes and streams. Rain. Clouds. *The interesting part of this route was blazed by the inimitable Harriet and Neil Pike – masters of the remote uncharted high altitude mining road route. Visit their excellent websites Andes […]

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