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{ Monthly Archives } January 2014

people and bikes



industrialised! (or: first impressions of chile*)

CHILE: LOS QUEÑES — ROMERAL — CURICO — MOLINA — SAN CLEMENTE — COLBUN — LINARES — CHILLÁN Hell, no, there isn’t any pre-industrial here! Chile is a ‘developed’ nation. It’s a South American success story, all based on Chicago school economics. *To be honest, this is in fact my third foray into Chile’s territories […]

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horses in my dreams

ARGENTINA/CHILE : MENDOZA — TUNUYÁN — PAREDITAS — EL SOSNEADA — MALARGÜE — BARDAS BLANCAS — LAS LOICAS — TERMAS DE AZUFRE — EL PLANCHON In Mendoza, as the year turns, I imbibe a certain dissatisfaction that I’m not sure I really feel. Mendoza, in the grip of a savage heat wave, is full of […]

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