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putting the eco back into eco-camping

I don’t like paying to put up my tent. I really don’t like paying to put up my tent. Nonetheless, I’m going to recommend a ‘camping’ and one that bills itself as an eco-camp, at that.

Mauro has a plot of forest just out of Villa O’Higgens and he is slowly building a hidden perma-culture gem called Tsonek. That eco tag isn’t greenwash waffle here – the man is serious. He gives cyclists a substantial discount just for showing up on two wheels and if you have any real skills or demonstrable enthusiasm for the project you might just be able to volunteer a few hours labour instead of forking out any cold hard cash at all.

Villa O’Higgens is a place you can get stuck in for a day or two longer than you had planned just waiting for a boat to get you out of there so it is worth knowing of a good place to stay and I really liked this one.

The facilities consist of simple tent platforms. Small tents fit best.

The communal space is cosy and comfortable. It boasts a wood fired stove with a functioning oven capable of turning out decent bread, pizza and cakes. The wood stove also heats water for showers and dish washing. The wifi is kind of complicated but at best is the fastest in town.

All the buildings are constructed from recycled materials. Light filters through wine bottles in the clean functional composting toilets.

The bookshelf features a collection of informative books about local ecology and culture. Mauro has a particular interest...

... in ornithology and is a knowledgeable guide and informant.

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  1. CampStampGirl Marijk | June 18, 2014 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Dear Anna,

    Great website and great stories. Good to read all this.

    I am very interested in this eco camp close to Villa O’Higgins. Could you give me the coördinates of this camp or give me the exact address so I can note it? I would love to visit this during my cycling trip over the carretera austral.

    Do you have a facebook page too? You can take a look at mine if you want:

    I am looking forward hearing from you.

    All the best, Marijke

    ~A la

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