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baby birds

Staying still allows a different view of the world. You get to watch plants growing, for example. And when a slightly misguided pair of sparrows decides that under a lettuce in the kitchen garden is just the right place for raising a family then you get the chance to watch baby birds hatch and fledge.

18/01/2015: Three eggs...

...with Mama or Papa keeping them safe.

22/01/2015: Day 1. Just hatched. Two chicks.

23/01/2015: Day 2.

24/01/2015: Day 3.

25/01/2015: Mama is still on the job but away from the next hunting a lot of the time.

25/01/2015: Day 4.

26/01/2015: Mama (or Papa) with the chicks.

Day 5.

27/01/2015: Day 6.

28/01/2015: Day 7.

29/01/2015: Day 8.

30/01/2015: Day 9 - Mama...

... and the chicks.

30/01/2015: Day 10...

... by the afternoon the babes have abandoned the nest.

31/01/2015: Day 11 dawns on a empty next and I am somewhat heartbroken but later in the day I find one fledgling hidden in the rosemary bush after watching Mama and Papa bird to-ing and fro-ing from there.

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  1. Lucie | March 27, 2015 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi Anna!
    A house, a kitchen garden (with own birds!), dogs, horses…it looks wonderful!
    I see you are doing well, and that’s a good news! Keep it up!
    All is ok here, too.
    Love, Lucie

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