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snapshots of bulgaria

My kind of road in Bulgaria!

A city camp site! I wandered around Plovdiv all afternoon with my bike and eventually made my way to one of the city’s most famous attractions – some ancient Roman ruins – and there I met a couple of young French cyclists. We talked until well after dark and ended up sleeping in among the crumbling walls.

I love communist kitsch.

A Bulgarian Banksy…

… paints images of significant Bulgarians on a rocky crag in the centre of Plovdiv.

I spent a couple of nights accommodated at an Orthodox monastry…

…where a Roma festival was taking place…

… and this sheep was here to be blessed before what I imagine was an unfortunate end on a barbeque.

I turned off the road on my way back to Plovdiv to eat lunch and discovered that…

…Banksiov had been busy in the woods, as well.

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