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Deborah Cass Shortlist

Rerhaps there are still some people who might occasionally wonder: Whatever happened to Anna? Wasn’t she cycling around somewhere?

Well, I was. It’s true. But it’s been a while now.

Somewhere along the way I ran out of steam for blogging regularly to report on my adventures which took me into Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain in 2016. From there I returned to the UK and spent a couple of years to-ing and fro-ing between that beleaguered nation and Europe. And now I find myself in Australia, my erstwhile homeland, and astonishingly I’ve been back for over a year .

I’m still largely itinerant, even if I mostly travel in a car at the moment and my poor bike is languishing abandoned in Spain.

I finally landed back in Australia. Let’s see what happens next.

Flying past Jupiter.

It’s not really as comfortable or convenient as bicycle travel – but I do cover more ground more quickly and I can carry around things like a sewing machine, and jewellery and wood-carving tools

While I haven’t been blogging, I have been writing. I’m working on a book.

And recently I had the very encouraging news that I have been shortlised for the Deborah Cass Prize, an award established to support emerging Australian writers with a migrant background. This year’s final results¬† will be announced at an event in Melbourne on December 4, 2019. The event is open to the public and so if you too find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, and would like attend follow the link above for more information.

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