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Unconnected thoughts.

itty bitty dinosaurs

Recently I’ve discovered podcasts and one that I particularly like is Radiolab. According to their own website Radiolab is: …where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, and encouraged to grow… The style is something you will either love or loathe – personally, […]

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People in Guatemala are very poor.

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scattered impressions

The impossible enormity of the task of attempting to record everything disheartens me. Seemingly indelible images unfold before my eye in a constant stream – vivid and fresh – but by the end of the day they are faded and dull, lost in the vast ocean of impressions. The flash of a bright yellow-orange bird […]

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existential dilemmas

Riding the freeway across a flat desolate industrial area of Vera Cruz, I wrestle with the fundamental existential dilemma: Is enjoying yourself essentially the same as not enjoying yourself? Somewhat reluctantly I reach the conclusion that it is probably so. So I wonder why I only wish to record the pleasing and the beautiful here […]

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a little darkness, sometimes…

In general, travelling on my bicycle makes me ridiculously happy but, even so, there are some days I view the world with a somewhat more critical eye than others. I leave the hills behind me and ride through the flat sunny plains south-east of Zacatecas, where I find the terrain is a little uninspiring and […]


food is beautiful

I spend my time in Zacatecas sampling the various culinary delights available on the streets and in the markets and admiring their sheer beauty. I enjoy cheap meals which can be found in a range of restaurants, specialising in different regional delights. The hostel boasts a modest kitchen, which I make the most of, to […]

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in the shadow of the valley of death

When I return to the men’s camp site dinner is ready and people are scattered around eating and talking. The conversation drifts over a variety of topics, as it always does in large groups. One man is expounding volubly on the difficulties of negotiating life in prison. He is discussing the conflict that exists between […]

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west coast reflections

Everything is slightly out of kilter for me on the Pacific west coast. It is the mornings that are misty here. The sun rises – in the east, like it always does – behind the hills and as it creeps upwards light spills in luminous sheets and shafts through gaps and fissures in the ranges, […]

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summer’s over

When the last petals drop from the fireweed, summer is over.

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Slugs are a little gross but some are also pretty amazing. These are a few I have been impressed by.

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