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I’ve added a few post below with some of my favourite images from Eastern Europe. I’ve dated them to reflect when I was actually there — and it’s all old very news now, but I hope that you enjoy the photos anyway!

snapshots of bulgaria

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snapshots of macedonia

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snapshots of albania


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snapshots of montenegro

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the roses of sarajevo (or: scars)

Walking through the woods, foraging for mushrooms, I suddenly freeze. Is it safe to step here? This is not an idle fear. Parts of Bosnia have yet to be cleared of land mines and while most of the danger areas are known and marked accidents do still happen from time to time. My dubious grasp […]

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the other hundred

I guess I’m boasting but I just wanted to mention that a couple of my photos were accepted for publication in a photographic book called The Other Hundred. The project is posited as a counter-point to the mainstream media obsession with rich lists – the Forbes 100 and all that stuff – and aims to […]


snapshots of spain

I soon got the chance to check my theory that the south of Spain and Campeche have a great deal in common. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fairy godmother but I am blessed with two of them and Camilla has a house in Spain, where we spend a week in the sun.

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