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I like riding my bike.

dispatches from europe: spain

Spain. Spring. The time of orange blossom and nightingales and rapidly changing weather. I’m travelling hobo style, sleeping under bridges or creeping into the inadequate shelter of orange and olive groves. My tent and sleeping bag have fallen, via Australia Post, into the hands of the Spanish customs and no appeal to reason or compassion […]

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adventure cycle-touring handbook

Authored by the inimitable Harriet and Neil Pike, with contributions from lots of other experienced cycle tourists*, the all new updated version of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook is finally out.   *Including me!  


turns and returns

Some people know exactly where they’re going and some don’t. I have never ridden with a plan and and so I don’t have any real way to know if things are running according to it. I had thought for a while that I might ride my bike north from Brazil, via Argentina and Paraguay, ending […]

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change of address

a thousand turns can now be found at For the moment the old address – – will still bring you here but please update your links and records.

the howling

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baby birds

Staying still allows a different view of the world. You get to watch plants growing, for example. And when a slightly misguided pair of sparrows decides that under a lettuce in the kitchen garden is just the right place for raising a family then you get the chance to watch baby birds hatch and fledge.

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my gaucha boots

I don’t have the words to try to explain any of this.

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revisiting são paulo

While the bulk of my Brazilian past resides in Eldorado I do have a reasonably extensive history with São Paulo proper, too. During my three and a half year stint as a volunteer at ACER I made regular forays into the city. This trip between the periphery and the centre is so expensive and logistically […]

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imagined communities*


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a room with a view


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