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I like riding my bike.

turns and returns

Some people know exactly where they’re going and some don’t. I have never ridden with a plan and and so I don’t have any real way to know if things are running according to it. I had thought for a while that I might ride my bike north from Brazil, via Argentina and Paraguay, ending […]

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change of address

a thousand turns can now be found at For the moment the old address – – will still bring you here but please update your links and records.

the howling

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baby birds

Staying still allows a different view of the world. You get to watch plants growing, for example. And when a slightly misguided pair of sparrows decides that under a lettuce in the kitchen garden is just the right place for raising a family then you get the chance to watch baby birds hatch and fledge.

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my gaucha boots

I don’t have the words to try to explain any of this.

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revisiting são paulo

While the bulk of my Brazilian past resides in Eldorado I do have a reasonably extensive history with São Paulo proper, too. During my three and a half year stint as a volunteer at ACER I made regular forays into the city. This trip between the periphery and the centre is so expensive and logistically […]

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imagined communities*


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a room with a view


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an interlude, with horses…

URUGUAY — SIERRA DE ROCHA I’ve mentioned, already, dreams of horses. In Uruguay, I happen across a little slice of heaven, with horses, an organic vegetable garden and some lovely folk. *I can’t think quite why I did leave. ** gaucha = cowgirl

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