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adventures with bread

Having a house has made me extremely domestic and one of my favourite activities right now is baking bread. I quickly got a basic loaf dialled with the addition of a few ingredients that, in the absence of wholemeal flour, add a bit of substance and interest  – oatmeal is readily available and ground linseed, […]

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thanksgiving in pie town

I arrive in Pie Town the day before Thanksgiving with no idea what to expect. Cycling up the last hill, mid-afternoon, I see three figures with bikes silhouetted at the top. I pull up and the guys check out my bike thoroughly before bothering with any social pleasantries but I presume it passes muster because […]

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city treats and american life

On arriving in the metropolis, I discover that San Francisco is, in fact, a number of cities separated by water and linked by bridges, only some of which can be traversed by bicycle. By some chance, everybody I know lives in East Bay, on the other side of Bay Bridge, which is one of the […]

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mycologia (part 2)

I set off from Cape Lookout, riding along a road which winds along the cliffs high above the ocean. After the racoon incident, I obviously need to replenish my supplies and I make a number of stops at various grocery stores in the towns I pass through during the day. I am irritated to discover […]

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Lasqueti is an island that comes with quite a fearsome reputation. It is off the grid, has few services or formal commercial enterprises and no vehicle ferry. Some people inform me that Lasquetians don’t really welcome outsiders and others merely resort to silent disapproval when I had tell them of my destination. Seeking information about […]

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Some readers might have noticed that recently I have added new blog category entitled ‘recipes’. Food is very important to me and on my travels I am always eager for new food experiences and I thought that I whould share any exceptional recipes that I come across. I have been lucky enough to have met […]

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leaving whitehorse

Eventually, I manage to rouse myself and pack my things back onto my bike but it is already 4.30 on a Monday afternoon by the time I make to leave Whitehorse. There are fires burning across British Columbia and grey green smoke hangs thick in the air. It is not an inspiring senario. As I […]

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I spend some days in Whitehorse. The heat-wave continues and I am glad to be off the road. On my second night in town, Tracy invites me to a dinner at a Mexican restaurant for an early celebration of her birthday. When she arrives home from work, Tracy suggests a swim before dinner and I […]

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the bus

On a whim, half way between Glennallen and Tok at around Mile 61 on the Tok Cut-off, just north of Slana, I pull into a general store of the kind that exists to service very small communities. There is a petrol pump and a shop which sells a wide assortment of nondescript goods and a […]

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