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Arts and media based social projects in various parts of the world.

a few days in puebla

Puebla is a town with a lot of churches but I am more intrigued by these masks prominently displayed in a shop window. I spend most of my time in Puebla taking photos for JUCONI, an organisation that helps working children (and their families) affected by violence. I can’t share those photos with you here, […]

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silver city

We are looking forward to getting to Silver City to rest up a little, restock our food supplies, repair our bikes and kit and generally take a break. The guys have tried to set up accommodation through Warm Showers but, on the afternoon of our arrival, nobody has responded. Cass rides ahead to make some […]

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a selection of photos from the META project

A few photos taken by the young people who took part in the META project. These images are from the selection that were exhibited at the Kampa Community Centre in Prague at the end of the series of workshops held at META between March and May 2009 .

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first META workshop

We held the first workshop on Saturday 21, March 2009, and were overwhelmed by almost double the number of participants we were expecting. All the fuses blew while I was setting up the computers and slide projects causing a few slight technical hitches but everybody seemed to have fun. We should have some photos online […]

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Many thanks to the people who donated to the META photo project in Prague. We received a diverse selection of second-hand digital cameras and $950 in cash. These contributions combined with voluntary labour have made the project possible. Cameras were donated by: Istvan Pap Elizabeth and Milan Polak Arne Johan Erikson Gordon Smith Financial contributions […]

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