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Nowhere Magazine Spring 2019 Travel Writing Contest

I would like to share some more exciting writerly news. I was recently notified that I won the Nowhere Magazine Spring 2019 Travel Writing Contest. My winning story has gone live today and can be found here.

Deborah Cass Prize…and the winner is…

Janette Chen was the winner of the 2019 Deborah Cass Prize for her piece, Wall of Men. Janette is a Sydney based writer and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her future work. I was very happy to end up being one of two runners up, along with Belinda Paxton, another Sydney based […]

Deborah Cass Shortlist

Rerhaps there are still some people who might occasionally wonder: Whatever happened to Anna? Wasn’t she cycling around somewhere? Well, I was. It’s true. But it’s been a while now. Somewhere along the way I ran out of steam for blogging regularly to report on my adventures which took me into Turkey, Greece, Italy and […]

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the roses of sarajevo (or: scars)

Walking through the woods, foraging for mushrooms, I suddenly freeze. Is it safe to step here? This is not an idle fear. Parts of Bosnia have yet to be cleared of land mines and while most of the danger areas are known and marked accidents do still happen from time to time. My dubious grasp […]

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western europe: connections and disconnections

I have to confess that Western Europe passed by in a bit of a blur and the experience was a little strange. On one hand it was just like home, I mean I’ve actually lived in a lot of these countries and have friends, family and even possessions, dotted about the place, but on the […]

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adventure cycle-touring handbook

Authored by the inimitable Harriet and Neil Pike, with contributions from lots of other experienced cycle tourists*, the all new updated version of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook is finally out.   *Including me!