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wish list

As I travel I learn about what works and doesn’t work touring on a bike. After four year of cycling, much of it on pretty tough mountainous gravel roads, I am getting much more weight conscious so I don’t really want to add any unnecessary items to my kit but there are still a couple of things that I hanker after.

Some things that I don’t have, that I would like:

  • A pair of small binoculars to spy out birds with. (Thanks, Frances!)
  • A new helmet to replace the one that disappeared mysteriously in Guachochi. (Thanks, Kodiak!)
  • A long lens for taking photos of some of the creatures I come across.

And some things that I do already have, but that I would like to improve upon in quest of a new light-weight life:

  • A smaller lighter tent.
  • A water-proof (gortex, I guess) water-proof jacket!
  • A decent lightweight walking pack for short treks. (Thanks again, Frances!)
  • A decent knife – none of this Leatherman multi-tool thing, just a nice blade. (Thanks, Lindsay!)
  • Titanium cookware to replace my clunky aluminium pot. (Thanks, Zanny!)
  • Frame bags – to reorder the way I carry things. (Yay! I finally found the time to make myself these.)
  • New lighter smaller sleeping mat.
  • A USB chargeable Steripen water sterilisation device to replace my heavy clunky MSR water filter.
  • A GPS (maybe… I like maps but it’s hard to find good ones!) (Done. I’m not sure about this, but I’ll let you know how it goes.)
  • Smaller panniers. (Thanks, Arkel!)
  • New bike frame! Maybe a Surly Troll…? Got my thinking cap on….