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META project

At the end of 2008, I initiated a participatory photography project with a group of young migrants and asylum seekers in Prague, in conjunction with META, an organisation which assists migrants access educational resources in the Czech Republic.

The project involves a series of photographic workshops and discussions held over eight weeks, in March and April 2009, with a group of young migrants in Prague. An exhibition of the photographs will be held at the end of the project.

Studying at META.

Studying at META.

The participants of the project gain new skills and social opportunities and are provided with a way to reflect on, and communicate, their experiences of migration and their efforts to find a place in Czech society. The young people develop greater self-confidence in a positive supportive environment.

The exhibition increases awareness of migrants experience and breaks down stereotypes by allowing the participants to represent themselves. Dealing with a changing community is one of the greatest challenges facing contemporary Czech society and this project provides positive ways for different groups to interact and communicate.