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relflections on the dalton highway

The thing that I found fascinating about the Dalton Highway is the sense of community that exists on the 414 mile ribbon of mud, gravel and occasional asphalt that traverses the arctic tundra and mountains north of Fairbanks. There are very few permanent residents on this road. The main settlements are work camps – mostly […]

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I am going to back track a little in my travels to add a post about Denali National Park. (For my attitude to linear narrative see my post on retro-blogging.) Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s wilderness areas that is relatively easy to access and consequently it receives thousands and thousands of visitors during […]

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america abandoned

Cycling in Alaska has done nothing to shake my impression that the highways of America are lined by desolate buildings – sometimes inhabited, sometimes not – surrounded by abandoned cars and other refuse.

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a visit to the native hospital

I went to hospital today but don’t worry there is nothing wrong with me. It’s just that Angela, whose floor I am currently camping on in Anchorage, mentioned that there is an excellent collection of native art at the Native Hospital and so I overcame my hospital phobia and went to see it. I am […]

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Camping in North America gives rise to some special concerns – chief among them, perhaps, is dealing with the potential threat of trouble with bears. I like bears and I’m happy to see them but I’d rather not have them in my camp at night. The fundamentals of bear safety are quite simple. There are […]

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going down

Finally on my way into Anchorage I came across this sign on a bike path. It made me laugh after miles and miles of seeing this: All I can say is, it’s a very good thing that there isn’t a sign at the bottom of each hill depicting a fully loaded touring bike going up […]

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flying in alaska

I had my second small plane flight in Alaska today. I arrived in Talkeetna last night after riding a massive (for me) 114 miles in one day – that’s approximately 183 kilometres – and so I was pretty tired when I got here. I had lined up a contact in town through Warm Showers, the […]

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deadhorse: the beginning

The plane from Anchorage to Deadhorse was delayed and overbooked and so we spent a bit of time at the airport wondering whether we* would make it to Deadhorse at all but finally we arrived at around 5pm. Putting the bikes back together took the better part of two hours and the airport staff waited […]

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a short interlude in anchorage

A 3.00am start after a going to bed at 1.30 isn’t my favourite way to begin the day but the blow was softened by my friend Melda who insisted on driving us to the airport. It was pretty good of her but perhaps she was just pleased to see the back of my bike and […]

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