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Deborah Cass Shortlist

Rerhaps there are still some people who might occasionally wonder: Whatever happened to Anna? Wasn’t she cycling around somewhere? Well, I was. It’s true. But it’s been a while now. Somewhere along the way I ran out of steam for blogging regularly to report on my adventures which took me into Turkey, Greece, Italy and […]

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west coast reflections

Everything is slightly out of kilter for me on the Pacific west coast. It is the mornings that are misty here. The sun rises – in the east, like it always does – behind the hills and as it creeps upwards light spills in luminous sheets and shafts through gaps and fissures in the ranges, […]

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I woke up to the sound of kookaburras and currawongs this morning. I’d forgotten such creatures even existed. No, that’s not really true, I remembered kookaburras but not the currawongs. Another thing: I never realised how Australian Australia looked. Black bitumen roads and foot paths, shorts, singlets and bare feet, frangipanis and bougainvillea, buffalo grass […]

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