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finding a friend in stewart

I’ve just fired up my computer when a cyclist with a touring load whizzes past – I hail him,“Ho, cycler!” He slows and enquires, “Are you Anna?” I am somewhat taken aback but I admit that I am as he comes to join me. He enlightens me. “I passed an old guy on the road, […]

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getting to stewart

From Meziadin Lake, my destination is Stewart, a small coastal town, at the end of a 65 kilometre dead-end road. I discuss the road with the park operator and he mentions that once I’m past Windy Hill the road is pretty flat. Windy Hill is a name that sets warning bells off in a cyclist’s […]

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I discover that the mileage marked on the campsite guide I got from the tourist information in Beaver Creek refers to the old highway and is out by about fifty kilometres when I cycle to a campsite that isn’t there. Tired and hungry, I have to find somewhere to sleep on an unpromising section of […]

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The ferry docks at Valdez at about 8.30 pm and I ride to a campsite just outside town to camp for the night. Valdez is where the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, that I followed for five hundred miles along the Dalton Highway from Deadhorse until Fairbanks, terminates. The pipeline carries millions and millions of gallons of crude oil […]

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I am going to back track a little in my travels to add a post about Denali National Park. (For my attitude to linear narrative see my post on retro-blogging.) Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s wilderness areas that is relatively easy to access and consequently it receives thousands and thousands of visitors during […]

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Camping in North America gives rise to some special concerns – chief among them, perhaps, is dealing with the potential threat of trouble with bears. I like bears and I’m happy to see them but I’d rather not have them in my camp at night. The fundamentals of bear safety are quite simple. There are […]

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