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buenos aires

ARGENTINA: BUENOS AIRES I’m a confirmed city agoraphobe but certain metropolises have an undeniable allure and Buenos Aires just happens to be one of them. It has charm. Undeniable charm. HOTEL VICTORIA And the charm starts right in my chosen Buenos Aires abode. The Hotel Victoria is a rambling five story building, with 70 rooms, […]

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relaxing at the “bosque”

When I get off the plane* after a sleepless journey over the Atlantic I make my way across Mexico City, on the Metro, to my friend Alisa’s apartment, struggling with my new bicycle wheel and a number of other unwieldy burdens. In less than 12 hours I have to be on a bus to Michoacan […]

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hanging out with friends

I am devoting a considerable amount of time and effort to feeding myself up while staying with a friend who has a mountain hideaway in between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The day after I arrived a neighbour invited us both to afternoon tea.

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eating lobster

I didn’t eat a lot of good food in Cuba but I did have one truly excellent meal. In any coastal town, in Cuba, if you are offered a meal the choice is between lobster or fish and, incredibly, lobster costs no more. I eat it twice but I feel somehow vaguely guilty both times. […]

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losing myself on the lost coast

I start to develop the urge to arrive in San Francisco when there is still 400 miles, or so, to go. I ride along the glorious coastline, in and out of giant redwood forest, but I am driven forward by an urge I can’t quite put my finger on. However, my relentless advance doesn’t stop […]

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bike shops, book shops and sea lions

In Newport, I visit the bike shop in the hope of getting a kickstand for my bike. I am really sick of finding places to lean my bike when I stop on the road to take a photo or have a snack or any number of other reasons. Often there is nowhere suitable and I […]

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Lasqueti is an island that comes with quite a fearsome reputation. It is off the grid, has few services or formal commercial enterprises and no vehicle ferry. Some people inform me that Lasquetians don’t really welcome outsiders and others merely resort to silent disapproval when I had tell them of my destination. Seeking information about […]

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