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las lagunas: (or – exactly when does ‘classic’ really just mean ‘past its time’?)

BOLIVIA/CHILE: SAN AUGUSTIN — ALOTA — LAGUNA HEDIONDA — LAGUNA COLORADA — SOL DE MAÑANA — LAGUNA CHALVIRI — LAGUNA BLANCA — SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA The good, the beautiful, the bad, the sad, the ugly. Ah, life. … SOLITUDE: I have exchanged the pleasures of company and shared meals for the more austere joys […]

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rail trail, bolivian style: (or, the best laid plans…)

BOLIVIA: UYUNI — SAN JUAN — SAN AUGUSTIN After almost a week of planning, bike maintenance, shopping and eating in Uyuni, we are ready to set off again. The plan – a simple one – is to cycle from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama in north-west Chile via a route known as Las Lagunas, […]

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feeding frenzy

BOLIVIA: UYUNI One of the things that I enjoy a lot about cycle touring is being able to eat as much as you like of whatever you like. A family sized pizza? No, problem. Chocolate by the box? Go for it. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, an afternoon snack, ice-cream, two servings for dinner. It […]

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BOLIVIA: PISIGA –SALAR DE COIPASA — LLICA — SALAR DE UYUNI — UYUNI After our pit-stop to refuel in Pisiga, we head out for more salt. The second salar we encounter is the Salar de Coipasa, more expansive and drier than Surire in Chile. *See here for the dream cafetera that would provide all of […]

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BOLIVIA/CHILE: LA PAZ — CALAMARCA — PATACAMAYA — CALLAPA — SAJAMA — TAMBO QUEMADO — SALAR DE SURIRE — ISLUGA — COLCHANE Recently, in a somewhat self-indulgent moment, on somebody else’s blog, I was bemoaning my lack of inclusion in any ‘tribe’. But, really, one of the best – and perhaps most unexpected – things […]

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first impressions of bolivia

Lake Titicaca is still there: the Peruvian/Bolivian border dissects it roughly in the middle.* La Paz is another of those South American cities with a Casa de Ciclistas – Christian manages to find accommodation for anyone on two wheels who passes through La Paz and requests it, sometimes in an apartment dedicated to the purpose […]

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