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the final leg

Puerto Obaldia and immigration. Shower, washing, and a bed for the night. Ah, clean clothes. A lancha in the morning to Colombia. Capurgana, Colombia. South America. It’s been a long time coming. Still a prisoner of the ocean and dependent on water transport. First boat to Turbo not until the morning. I want to be […]

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costa rica postscript

The return journey of an overnight trip to Costa Rica on the bus in order to get my rear hub repaired proves quite entertaining. Back on the bus, road blocks and riot police create a blockage about fifty kilometres from the border that has to be circumnavigated through jungle and banana plantations.

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escaping costa rica

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losing it in la moskitia, episode 3

After days of eating and resting in Ahuas, I decide the time has come to tackle the next section of La Moskitia wilderness. Leaving the settlement, as I ride alongside the official Ahuas airstrip, young men on motor-bikes pass me on their way to work on a clandestine narco airstrip somewhere not far away. I […]

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hanging out in xela

Xela quickly starts to feel like home. I am lucky enough to score a room in Posada San Andres, a ramshackle set of buildings that surround a sunny cobbled courtyard inhabited by an eclectic bunch of expats doing their thing in Xela. The place is cheap and chilled out. I while away some days attending […]

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Belize hasn’t entered my plans at all until now and the only thing I really know about the place is that it is nominally an English-speaking country and that Belize City has something of a nasty reputation. Casting my eyes over my map, I see about three major roads marked in the whole country and […]

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where the wild things are

The road between Dos Lagunas and Rio Azul is considerably less demanding than the first leg of my jungle adventure and so it’s early afternoon when Rio Azul comes into view. Rio Azul is a much larger work camp than Dos Lagunas, with numerous cabins and buildings surrounding a large cleared area, but it is […]

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leaving mexico

Since the extreme temperatures in the middle of the day make an early start imperative, I decide to try to get my papers sorted when I return from Yaxchamil so that I can get on my bike and leave first thing in the morning. I locate the immigration office opposite the museum and approach the […]

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sharing the road in mexico

As soon as we reach the highway, after twelve miles of dirt road, we are forced to contemplate the frightening prospect of sharing a narrow highway, with no shoulder, with giant trucks. The constant stream of huge rigs thundering by is terrifying. We spy a roadside cafe in the distance and retreat indoors to gather […]

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the border

We ride out of Hachita in the late afternoon knowing this will be our last night in the USA. The road runs straight to Mexico and is heavily patrolled by US border guards. The terrain is flat, with distant mountains, colonies of yuccas are the dominant vegetation. We ride until dusk and set up camp […]

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