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going for a walk

Jeff and I decide to walk from Urique to Batopilas for New Year’s Eve. This means walking out of the deepest canyon in North America over the mountain tops and down into the second deepest canyon in North America on a network of unmarked footpaths that have been used by local people for hundreds of […]

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sharing the road in mexico

As soon as we reach the highway, after twelve miles of dirt road, we are forced to contemplate the frightening prospect of sharing a narrow highway, with no shoulder, with giant trucks. The constant stream of huge rigs thundering by is terrifying. We spy a roadside cafe in the distance and retreat indoors to gather […]

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another quest in search of a hot bath

In Yosemite Valley I heard rumours of hot springs around Mammoth Lake and so I quizz Doris and John for further information. The critical clue I already have at my disposal is a green church marking the turn off on the highway. John, however is able to furnish much more specific directions and a reasonable […]

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sleeping over the ocean

I was planning to ride to a state park in Brookings just north of the California state line for the ease and convenience of the hiker/biker camp but I have mixed feelings about it. The last two nights I have camped in hiker/biker camps, first at Cape Argo and then at Humbug Mountain, with the […]

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an astonishing family bike tour

On Monday morning, I ride out of Seattle, thankfully with considerably less trouble than I had riding into the city, to catch another ferry, this time from Edmonds to Kingston on the Washington Peninsula. On the peninsula, the small towns I pass through are reminiscent of scenes from Twin Peaks and I find it slightly […]

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The fourteen hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy passes uneventfully enough. There are occasional whale sightings pointed out by the ship’s watch; humpbacks puff water vapour, a distant pod of orca put on an acrobatic display, a pair of porpoises swim alongside the boat – but I spend most of the time […]

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getting a move on

Eventually, I drag myself away from the revitalising waters of the springs and go back to my bike which I have left hidden in the bushes on the roadway. I have been tarrying the last few days, in Stewart and here in the Nisga’a valley, and I feel the need, now, to cover some miles. […]

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dragonfly lake

I continue on my way down the valley crossing a deep fast flowing bright green river. As the shadows lengthen, a sign indicating the Dragonfly Provincial Campground opportunely appears and I find myself on the shore of a narrow lake. Low mountains lie opposite, higher snow-covered mountains to one end of the lake and open […]

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on the cassiar highway

Before I leave Kinaskan Lake, I ask the fisherman camped at the next site for some line. I bought a couple of lures in Dease Lake inspired by my tantalising near success at Cottonwood River, which was a fishing experience inspiring and frustrating in equal measure. I want to repeat my the attempt to catch […]

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kinaskan lake

Restored by my pancake breakfast, I cycle another 20 kilometres or so and quickly come to the Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park. The last few camps have been hurried, rain-soaked affairs and I want to spread out and get my gear in order, so I pull in. It is early in the day and I have […]

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