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a temporary companion

Finally I get on the road and see the boy that dropped by my camp last night and we agree to ride together for a while. He is good company, happy to stop and explore, to pick berries. We talk all day about our trips, the people we have met, adventures and the road. Our […]

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boya lake

I wake at my mosquito ridden wild campsite just past the Junction 37 turn off. Breakfast is porridge sameness. I pack and get on my way by 9AM. I am very pleased to finally be off the Alaska-Canada Highway. The Cassiar Highway, more commonly referred to as Highway 37, is narrow, without a shoulder, but […]

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Some readers might have noticed that recently I have added new blog category entitled ‘recipes’. Food is very important to me and on my travels I am always eager for new food experiences and I thought that I whould share any exceptional recipes that I come across. I have been lucky enough to have met […]

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the wake

I leave camp by 9AM and cycle without a break to the campsite at Takhini River, a campground fifteen kilometres off the main highway. At the site, a group of women and one man – who passed me earlier on the road in a convey of four vehicles – are occupying a site surrounded by […]

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I discover that the mileage marked on the campsite guide I got from the tourist information in Beaver Creek refers to the old highway and is out by about fifty kilometres when I cycle to a campsite that isn’t there. Tired and hungry, I have to find somewhere to sleep on an unpromising section of […]

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finding a place to sleep

Finding somewhere to sleep as an itinerant on a bicycle is the biggest daily challenge. I have had some fantastic experiences with spontaneous hospitality offered by people that I meet on my way but, in general, I spend most of my time camping. The quality of my campsite makes a big difference to how agreeable […]

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a perfect campsite

Some days are perfect. I could have stayed here forever watching the sky and water change colour.

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thompson pass

Not long after I turn back onto the highway a man in a pick-up truck stops to warn me that he had seen a bear on the road only a couple of minute ago and so I set off on my way ringing my bell and singing bear songs. The road out of Valdez rises […]

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midnight sun

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, I spent my summer solstice above the Arctic Circle camping beside the airstrip in Coldfoot. A party, attended by all the young seasonal workers of Coldfoot and neighbouring communities, and which I had no desire to go to, was underway at the not-too-distant river. A constant stream of […]

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I am going to back track a little in my travels to add a post about Denali National Park. (For my attitude to linear narrative see my post on retro-blogging.) Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s wilderness areas that is relatively easy to access and consequently it receives thousands and thousands of visitors during […]

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