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Slugs are a little gross but some are also pretty amazing. These are a few I have been impressed by.

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salt springs

I leave Chris’ house in Nanaimo and ride to Crofton and straight onto a ferry about to embark for Salt Springs. Going to Salt Springs takes me off Vancouver Island and away from the main highway and, better still, Jane and Eric have a cabin on the island. I have their address tucked away somewhere […]

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I sometimes fantasize about the little lectures I’d like to give some large vehicle drivers about sharing. Most people are pretty good; but those that aren’t are scary.

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another wet day

I don’t know left from right, north from south, east from west. Leaving Sheila’s house on a wet Sunday morning to catch the 10AM ferry, I turn back onto the Main Rd and head in the wrong direction. Ignoring every last visual clue, which clearly informs me that I am going somewhere I have never […]

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Lasqueti is an island that comes with quite a fearsome reputation. It is off the grid, has few services or formal commercial enterprises and no vehicle ferry. Some people inform me that Lasquetians don’t really welcome outsiders and others merely resort to silent disapproval when I had tell them of my destination. Seeking information about […]

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The east side of Vancouver Island was something of a disappointment to me. It seemed over-populated and over-logged, after months out in the wilderness, and the highway was not pleasant riding.

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space junk

You’d be amazed at how many shooting stars there are, if you slept outside – or is it just that the sky is full of space junk now?

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I am lying on my back looking up at the stars and watching shredded muslin clouds unfurl across the sky. I wonder, a little, at the wisdom of my plan to sleep on a beach without a tent on Vancouver Island – sleeping on the beach in Croatia is one thing and in British Columbia […]

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The fourteen hour ferry ride from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy passes uneventfully enough. There are occasional whale sightings pointed out by the ship’s watch; humpbacks puff water vapour, a distant pod of orca put on an acrobatic display, a pair of porpoises swim alongside the boat – but I spend most of the time […]

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prince rupert

I arrive at Prince Rupert, where I am invited to stay at Penny and Ian’s house, late on Monday morning. Penny and Ian are friends of Danusia, who I met in Whitehorse. It is three weeks now since I have set foot inside a house or, more importantly, had a hot shower. Penny welcomes me […]

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