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grand canyon

The temperature plummets during the night and I wake to icy rain. I cook breakfast under the inadequate shelter of my fly and pack my wet things onto the bike. The road surface on the last ten miles to the highway is good and so I am soonback on tarmac with only fifteen miles to […]

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looking at the sky

At dawn I wake and set off across the plains. There is nothing to suggest that the Grand Canyon lies barely a mile to the north of where I ride. I spend the day struggling over rocky ranch tracks with nothing else to do but admire the sky. An inland sky is totally different to […]

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the road to supai

Peach Springs is one of those names on the map that appeal to me, somehow evoking images of eternal summer evenings in a pretty bucolic town – all green fields and orchards. Darkness falls as I approach the town and I make a fairly dismal camp alongside the highway behind an embankment; mostly out of […]

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