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revisiting são paulo

While the bulk of my Brazilian past resides in Eldorado I do have a reasonably extensive history with São Paulo proper, too. During my three and a half year stint as a volunteer at ACER I made regular forays into the city. This trip between the periphery and the centre is so expensive and logistically […]

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ten years

Between the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2005 I lived and worked in São Paulo and so coming back to Brazil is a homecoming of sorts for me. I have a real history here – there are people and places that I know and that know me. São Paulo is one of the […]

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URUGUAY: COLONIA — MONTEVIDEO Uruguay is a small country and I don’t doubt that many people would have trouble finding it on a world map or naming its capital city. And I have to confess, on arrival, that my own prior knowledge on the subject of Uruguay is pretty scant.

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buenos aires

ARGENTINA: BUENOS AIRES I’m a confirmed city agoraphobe but certain metropolises have an undeniable allure and Buenos Aires just happens to be one of them. It has charm. Undeniable charm. HOTEL VICTORIA And the charm starts right in my chosen Buenos Aires abode. The Hotel Victoria is a rambling five story building, with 70 rooms, […]

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cuenca – a visual feast

I had no plan to visit Cuenca at all but when I attempt to return to Atillo where I have left my bike while walking in the hills it turns out to be a little more complicated than I imagined. A bus from Ingapirca drops me on the PanA at El Tambo but none of […]

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the art of waiting

The logistical need for a good reliable address while on long term tour can’t be overstated. Getting stuff sent, sometimes seems like an overwhelmingly difficult task, since it requires the effort and goodwill of people both at the point of sending and, also, at the point of reception. While there is certainly a lot to […]

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bike bling

Gradually the lure of the sparkling world beyond Shimano is making itself felt – it could be a long and slippery slope.

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postcards from quito

My interest in cities is minimal and my knowledge of the intricacies of Spanish colonial architecture and culture relatively superficial but, nonetheless, since I am in the neighbourhood of Quito a visit to the Old Town to see the sights is more or less compulsory.

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bogota reprise

I arrive back in Bogota at the central transport terminal at 5AM after a 7 hour bus ride. Stopping only for a restorative cup of coffee, I head straight to the Venezuelan Embassy where I am redirected to the Consulate a further 5 kilometres away. It is like any Consulate anywhere – queues, security, stony […]

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