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The road from Rio Magdalena to Bogota is largely uninspiring – or I, at least, am uninspired, which might say more about me than the road.The closer I get to Bogota the harder it is to avoid, if not major highways, then heavily trafficked paved roads. Mauricio in Villa Maria had told me that people […]

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hanging out in xela

Xela quickly starts to feel like home. I am lucky enough to score a room in Posada San Andres, a ramshackle set of buildings that surround a sunny cobbled courtyard inhabited by an eclectic bunch of expats doing their thing in Xela. The place is cheap and chilled out. I while away some days attending […]

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Xela is Guatemala’s second largest city and it has a significant population of foreigners – the majority of whom are studying Spanish and/or working at a host of NGOs on various social projects. Despite my rather unfortunate introduction to the city I quickly warm to Xela  – there is a good second hand bookshop with […]

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welcome to xela

We arrive in Xela early enough in the day to have ample time to find somewhere to stay and then address myself to the task of finding a good restaurant where I can celebrate my birthday in style. After an extremely satisfactory birthday dinner, Silke and I start to walk towards the guesthouse where we […]

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mexico city madness

Mexico City is infinite: a place where anything at all might happen.

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Havana has got to be one of the most photographed travel destinations. Here is my contribution:

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a pictorial history of mexico

I’ve never been particularly into Diego Rivera so I didn’t get around to seeing his famous murals during my first sojourn in Mexico City. However, glowing reviews from my erstwhile cycling companions, Jeff and Jason, who I caught up with briefly in Puebla, prompted me to make the effort when I returned to the DF […]

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the running man

The running man is a nice touch in pedestrian traffic management. Road crossings in Mexico are governed by a timer that counts down the seconds, accompanied by an animated figure which starts out walking calmly but as the seconds tick by starts running faster and faster. I find this endlessly entertaining but of no practical […]

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d(istrito) f(ederal)

Mexico City is the second biggest in the world and it seems like I could probably stay here for a very long time before it started to make much sense to me. However, living previously in Sao Paulo, the third biggest city in the world, for three and a half years has prepared me for […]

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Big cities exert a strange fascination and I’m glad to have a chance to get to know Mexico City a bit. My excuse for an extended stay in the D.F. is provided by David, an old friend from Sydney, who is meeting me here in the metropolis as the starting point for a couple of […]

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