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dog day

There are a lot of dogs in Santa Catalina. Rowdy canine congregations hang about on the beach digging up crabs, playing, fighting and, very often, breeding. Even the dogs with owners are an independent lot that spend a much of their time doing their own thing. Most people don’t feed their dogs anything other than […]

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what remains…

There is a Canadian girl in Santa Cataliana at the moment doing research for her Masters. Her topic is sustainable tourism. She is interviewing as many people in the village as she can. I only had one thing to say to her. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM = OXYMORON Check this video out for a plastic beach story. […]

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relflections on the dalton highway

The thing that I found fascinating about the Dalton Highway is the sense of community that exists on the 414 mile ribbon of mud, gravel and occasional asphalt that traverses the arctic tundra and mountains north of Fairbanks. There are very few permanent residents on this road. The main settlements are work camps – mostly […]

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