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We set out from Guachochi towards Sinforosa Canyon on foot and cover the 20 odd kilometres in a few hours with the help of a couple of lifts from locals in the back of pickup trucks. We hike down to a suspension bridge that marks the end of vehicle roads and camp for the night […]

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the bird post

One of the best things about walking in the Copper Canyon area is experiencing the amazing natural surroundings. Travelling with a knowledgeable and observant companion has meant I have learnt a lot about some things which I previously knew nothing. The following is a list of some of the birds that I have seen, some […]

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climbing out of the canyon

After a day’s rest at Entre Amigos we set off to tackle the ascent out of the deepest canyon in North America, taking a new road east towards Samachique. We need to ford the river before starting the ascent out of the canyon, which passes over the walking trail we followed on the return from […]

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return to urique

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new year’s eve in batopilas

We arrive in Batopilas in the afternoon of New Year’s Eve after two and half days of walking and set about finding ourselves a cheap hotel. The originally named Hotel Batopilas boasts a view over the river but it’s not the classiest accommodation I’ve ever stayed in. Once we are settled in to our less […]

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going for a walk

Jeff and I decide to walk from Urique to Batopilas for New Year’s Eve. This means walking out of the deepest canyon in North America over the mountain tops and down into the second deepest canyon in North America on a network of unmarked footpaths that have been used by local people for hundreds of […]

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a hidden paradise

Urique Canyon is a magic place, sheltered and warm, and as I descend towards the bottom the notion of a white Christmas suddenly recedes. Entre Amigos offers a range of accommodation options, guest houses, a dormitory and camp sites. Initially, 90 pesos a night to camp seems steep, especially as normally I pay nothing for […]

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the road to urique

I imagine, now that I am on the road to Urique, that it won’t be long before I get there but over fifty kilometres of steep unsurfaced road prove slow to negotiate. I spend the day climbing up and down steep hills, passing through a series of villages. After a particularly long steep climb I […]

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recowata hot springs

I decide to leave Creel and head for Urique. Cass and Jeff also intend to arrive in Urique by Christmas and have a vague plan to catch the train from there to the coast to celebrate New Year and return later to pick up their bikes and continue. In the meantime, Jason and Jeff decide […]

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getting cold in mexico

The trouble with mountains in winter, even in Mexico, is that they are cold. We are heading for Creel, which sits at an elevation of around 7500 feet and it has been a very long time since any of us have been below about 5000 feet. The nights are pretty chilly and it is very […]

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