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Belize hasn’t entered my plans at all until now and the only thing I really know about the place is that it is nominally an English-speaking country and that Belize City has something of a nasty reputation. Casting my eyes over my map, I see about three major roads marked in the whole country and […]

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where the wild things are

The road between Dos Lagunas and Rio Azul is considerably less demanding than the first leg of my jungle adventure and so it’s early afternoon when Rio Azul comes into view. Rio Azul is a much larger work camp than Dos Lagunas, with numerous cabins and buildings surrounding a large cleared area, but it is […]

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into the wilderness

I set off through the jungle and the road is manageable, if not relaxing. No one state lasts for so long that it is completely overwhelming. So the day passes, negotiating patches of mud and fending off clouds of mosquitoes while toucans flap from tree to tree overhead, turkeys, guans and carassows stalk across the […]

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first impressions

I ride a long bumpy corrugated gravel road from the border to the town of Las Cruces where I try to quiz the locals about routes that will allow me to avoid the main highways. My map has some secondary roads marked but generally without sufficient information to make finding them unaided feasible. However, the […]

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still chasing butterflies

After my abortive attempt to cross the mountains, I arrive back in Senguio as it is getting dark and sensibly decide to spend the night there. In the morning, I enter into an extended consultation with the manager of the pension about the best route to Angangueo and I leave feeling sure that I will […]

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more on wandering through fields

I wake up under a thorn tree in a field and set about cooking myself breakfast. As I am stirring my porridge over a small fire, a cowboy climbs through the fence in the corner of the field a mere twenty metres away but he discreetly ignores me until I bid him good morning at […]

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finding my way

When I reach Villa de Reyes at dusk my aim is to get to the other side of town to search out a spot to camp but having lost faith in the reliability of my map I am not entirely certain how to proceed. I had plotted out a likely looking route and, in theory, […]

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getting to zacatecas

After two days in Durango, we strike out again for Zacatecas. The guys have been busy developing their biking network in Durango and so we have an escort out of town; Miguelito offers to accompany us for the first 50 kilometres to guide us on the back roads. We meet Miguelito at the cathedral at […]

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meeting the locals

Since our fortuitous meeting with Abraham in Tepehuanes, we have found ourselves hooked up with the Mexican biking community. Cocono Salvajes (Wild Turkeys) are one of Santiago’s three mountain bike groups and they have taken us decidedly under their generous wings. On Sunday morning we set off with about twenty-five Cocono riders on a on […]

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rail trail (mexican style)

The idea of following the abandoned railway track to Durango appeals to us and so armed with directions from Abraham we set off in the late afternoon sun. We are still negotiating our way out of town when Abraham unexpectedly joins us on his mountain bike accompanied by an Australian blue heeler, one of the […]

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