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religious fervour

I arrive back in San Jose in time for one of its major annual religious fiestas. The figures in the local Catholic church are spruced up and decorated and taken on a litter through the streets down to the dock. From there they taken by lancha to the church in Flores to be blessed. Figures […]

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night of the dead

The first day of November is Night of the Dead and we venture from our hilltop forest retreat into the local communities around the Patzcuaro Lake. Day of the Dead rituals are a family affair in which people visit the graves of their relatives and spend the night in the graveyard among the spirits of […]

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flowers for the spirits

While staying at the Bosque, we venture out to the local town of Erongaricuaro to observe the preparations for the Day of the Dead. Erongaricauaro’s plaza is surrounded by a mass of flowers on various stalls and the plaza itself is busy with stalls displaying local handcrafts. At one end of the plaza a large […]

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