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whale shark

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underwater world

Just in case you’ve been wondering what has been keeping me, this is where I’ve been. Sadly, I don’t have an underwater housing for my camera and since the one that fits my camera costs about $800 it’s  unlikely I’ll be getting one any time soon. So I am reduced to scrounging photos from other […]

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I can’t resist fish.

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eating lobster

I didn’t eat a lot of good food in Cuba but I did have one truly excellent meal. In any coastal town, in Cuba, if you are offered a meal the choice is between lobster or fish and, incredibly, lobster costs no more. I eat it twice but I feel somehow vaguely guilty both times. […]

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food is beautiful

I spend my time in Zacatecas sampling the various culinary delights available on the streets and in the markets and admiring their sheer beauty. I enjoy cheap meals which can be found in a range of restaurants, specialising in different regional delights. The hostel boasts a modest kitchen, which I make the most of, to […]

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riding the sierra madre

We wake in a field, where we have all fallen asleep under a starry sky, encrusted in ice and set off again. Our aim now is to reach Zacatecas, as quickly as possible, while travelling on as few paved roads as we can manage. Our maps are all but useless for this endeavour and so […]

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food fabulous food

We set off down the highway in a group, slip streaming to minimise the effects of headwind and also hoping that as a single unit we are more visible and so a little less vulnerable to the passing traffic. The truck drivers, it must be said, are, in general, very considerate, slowing down and giving […]

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A fish advertising something on the road to Modesto.

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fishy tales

I cross the state line from Oregon into California with only an ancient map of California at my disposal. Each time I unfold it the paper tears and crumbles some more. The coastal cycle route is clearly signposted on the highway but, for no particular reason, I cut-off Highway 101 inland onto Route 197 towards […]

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dragonfly lake

I continue on my way down the valley crossing a deep fast flowing bright green river. As the shadows lengthen, a sign indicating the Dragonfly Provincial Campground opportunely appears and I find myself on the shore of a narrow lake. Low mountains lie opposite, higher snow-covered mountains to one end of the lake and open […]

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