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finca ixobal

Finca Ixobal is like a little holiday from Guatemala within Guatemala: it is the antithesis to cultural and linguistic immersion in a small indigenous village and/or negotiating the Guatemalan public health services after a wild animal attack. I didn’t really realise that I needed a break but when I arrive at this place, merely a […]

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bioitza jungle reserve

I enrolled at Bio Itza on the basis of zero research but at the end of my first week in San Jose I am totally won over, not only by the quality of the teaching, but by the evident benefits of the project to the community and decide to stay on for a second week. […]

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español vs portuñol

With two weeks to fill in before my last rabies shot and already heartily sick of Flores, I decide to make the most of my enforced stay in Peten and enroll in a Spanish school in a small Mayan community on the other side of the lake. I’ve already been travelling in Spanish speaking countries […]

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hanging around flores

Flores is not a place that I would have chosen for an extended stay but it could have been far worse and having a friend around helps to pass the time more easily.

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snapshots of spain

I soon got the chance to check my theory that the south of Spain and Campeche have a great deal in common. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fairy godmother but I am blessed with two of them and Camilla has a house in Spain, where we spend a week in the sun.

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hanging out with friends

I am devoting a considerable amount of time and effort to feeding myself up while staying with a friend who has a mountain hideaway in between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The day after I arrived a neighbour invited us both to afternoon tea.

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eating lobster

I didn’t eat a lot of good food in Cuba but I did have one truly excellent meal. In any coastal town, in Cuba, if you are offered a meal the choice is between lobster or fish and, incredibly, lobster costs no more. I eat it twice but I feel somehow vaguely guilty both times. […]

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food is beautiful

I spend my time in Zacatecas sampling the various culinary delights available on the streets and in the markets and admiring their sheer beauty. I enjoy cheap meals which can be found in a range of restaurants, specialising in different regional delights. The hostel boasts a modest kitchen, which I make the most of, to […]

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meeting the locals

Since our fortuitous meeting with Abraham in Tepehuanes, we have found ourselves hooked up with the Mexican biking community. Cocono Salvajes (Wild Turkeys) are one of Santiago’s three mountain bike groups and they have taken us decidedly under their generous wings. On Sunday morning we set off with about twenty-five Cocono riders on a on […]

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the boys become cowboys

In Tepehuanes, without warning, the boys suddenly develop a fascination for cowboys hats. I have been talking about buying a cowboy hat, for my sister, ever since I entered Mexico and none of my travelling companions showed the slightest interest. Now, with the bikes packed and ready to go the guys are irresistibly drawn by […]

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