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entering la moskitia

Despite the dire warnings, the people I meet as I enter La Moskitia are, as always, curious, charming, helpful, amused.

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flores again

After three weeks of living in San Jose and speaking only Spanish, Flores seems like a bustling cosmopolitan place. As I cross the bridge on my way onto the island, I am hailed by Vinko and Collette, a young couple I met a few weeks ago leaving Flores on their cheap Mexican bikes. Their plans […]

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The trip from San Miguel to Queretaro is, in principal, an easy afternoon’s ride and I set off around midday, taking a quiet paved road to Jalpa, an almost non-existent village, with a nonetheless extremely impressive church. On the other side of Jalpa, the road turns to cobbles – visually charming but extremely wearing for […]

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thanksgiving in pie town

I arrive in Pie Town the day before Thanksgiving with no idea what to expect. Cycling up the last hill, mid-afternoon, I see three figures with bikes silhouetted at the top. I pull up and the guys check out my bike thoroughly before bothering with any social pleasantries but I presume it passes muster because […]

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city on the plain

The following morning I set off towards the end of the valley where sand dunes shimmer in the distance. I round a corner and find myself confronted with a veritable tent city near the base of the dunes, an American flag flying in the centre of a ring of tents. A lone figure is seated […]

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losing myself on the lost coast

I start to develop the urge to arrive in San Francisco when there is still 400 miles, or so, to go. I ride along the glorious coastline, in and out of giant redwood forest, but I am driven forward by an urge I can’t quite put my finger on. However, my relentless advance doesn’t stop […]

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mycologia (part 2)

I set off from Cape Lookout, riding along a road which winds along the cliffs high above the ocean. After the racoon incident, I obviously need to replenish my supplies and I make a number of stops at various grocery stores in the towns I pass through during the day. I am irritated to discover […]

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finding a friend in stewart

I’ve just fired up my computer when a cyclist with a touring load whizzes past – I hail him,“Ho, cycler!” He slows and enquires, “Are you Anna?” I am somewhat taken aback but I admit that I am as he comes to join me. He enlightens me. “I passed an old guy on the road, […]

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kinaskan lake

Restored by my pancake breakfast, I cycle another 20 kilometres or so and quickly come to the Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park. The last few camps have been hurried, rain-soaked affairs and I want to spread out and get my gear in order, so I pull in. It is early in the day and I have […]

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on the alaska highway

I can’t remember now where I camped the day I left Whitehorse – it made no impression on my and I didn’t record it in any way. It has gone completely. However, the next morning, as I am riding on my way, I pull into an dubious RV camp at Johnson’s Crossing because of the […]

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