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leaving whitehorse

Eventually, I manage to rouse myself and pack my things back onto my bike but it is already 4.30 on a Monday afternoon by the time I make to leave Whitehorse. There are fires burning across British Columbia and grey green smoke hangs thick in the air. It is not an inspiring senario. As I […]

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I spend some days in Whitehorse. The heat-wave continues and I am glad to be off the road. On my second night in town, Tracy invites me to a dinner at a Mexican restaurant for an early celebration of her birthday. When she arrives home from work, Tracy suggests a swim before dinner and I […]

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my new spoon

Leaving my morning camp, it is not long before I come across another provincial camp-ground a mere fifty kilometres down the road. I turn in for a lunch break, beguiled by the fast flowing clear, rocky stream. A family are sitting at the prime table, next to the river, so I ride to the next […]

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tom and bridgette

Any action on the side of the road immediately attracts a travel weary cyclist’s attention, so a caravan in a pull-out ahead, clearly with goods for sale, has me instantly wondering what the potential is. Food is constantly on my mind so an array of jerky is like a gift from heaven – classic and […]

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flying in alaska

I had my second small plane flight in Alaska today. I arrived in Talkeetna last night after riding a massive (for me) 114 miles in one day – that’s approximately 183 kilometres – and so I was pretty tired when I got here. I had lined up a contact in town through Warm Showers, the […]

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