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more off-road adventures

I set off from Jedediah Smith and turn not west towards the coast but east to find a gravel road that will take me back to the coast, through the forest, popping out on Highway 101 slightly south of Crescent City. The road meanders through ancient redwoods and I ride with awe in my heart. […]

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mycologia (part 3)

The road drifts away from the shoreline as rocky cliffs give way to shifting sand dunes on Oregon’s coast. I pass a sign indicating a campground and continue climbing to the top of a long hill. I am riding through forest on a still warm afternoon. Fireweed, a roadside companion that has been with me […]

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mycologia (part 2)

I set off from Cape Lookout, riding along a road which winds along the cliffs high above the ocean. After the racoon incident, I obviously need to replenish my supplies and I make a number of stops at various grocery stores in the towns I pass through during the day. I am irritated to discover […]

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mycologia (part 1)

The rainy Pacific Northwest provides perfect growing conditions for funghi. Here are a few intriguing examples I saw in the forest around Forks. Some, perhaps, are edible while others are definitely not. I wouldn’t, given my current state of knowledge, risk eating any of these. Please feel free to correct any error of identification or […]

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