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Check out my new super simple cooking set up: a Trangia burner, a bit of twisted wire for the pot to sit on and some flattened beer cans for a wind shield. The Trangia burner is so simple that nothing at all can go wrong with it. The only potential drama is going to be […]

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primus omnifuel

I love my Primus Omnilfuel stove. Apart from a brief, and ultimately disappointing, flirtation with a home-made al can stove in Mexico I have never strayed from it.* However, that said, the stove has been labouring for some time on a diet of poor quality dirty petrol and performing significantly below par. Magnus, from Primus, […]

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travails with tyres

I haven’t had a lot of luck with my tyres over the years. My original wire beaded Schwalbe XRs did really well, clocking up around 17 000 and 20 000 kilometres respectively, but the two folding XRs that replaced them, as needed, both had massive blowouts within around 4-5000 kilometres, which was far less satisfactory. […]

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bike bling

Gradually the lure of the sparkling world beyond Shimano is making itself felt – it could be a long and slippery slope.

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oh, no…

My computer has finally sucumbed – to what I’m not exactly sure but it no longer springs to life. Zilch, nada. This means that I have no practical way to process my photos and work on the blog.

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tent troubles

After a year and a half on the road, a lot of my equipment is getting a little tatty. My Big Agnes Emerald Mountain tent has some very positive features but robustness is not really one of them.

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