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meeting the locals

Since our fortuitous meeting with Abraham in Tepehuanes, we have found ourselves hooked up with the Mexican biking community. Cocono Salvajes (Wild Turkeys) are one of Santiago’s three mountain bike groups and they have taken us decidedly under their generous wings. On Sunday morning we set off with about twenty-five Cocono riders on a on […]

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silver city

We are looking forward to getting to Silver City to rest up a little, restock our food supplies, repair our bikes and kit and generally take a break. The guys have tried to set up accommodation through Warm Showers but, on the afternoon of our arrival, nobody has responded. Cass rides ahead to make some […]

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thanksgiving in pie town

I arrive in Pie Town the day before Thanksgiving with no idea what to expect. Cycling up the last hill, mid-afternoon, I see three figures with bikes silhouetted at the top. I pull up and the guys check out my bike thoroughly before bothering with any social pleasantries but I presume it passes muster because […]

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I arrive in Flagstaff with serious business to attend to. My trusty bike has taken a beating over the last five months and my lower gears, despite some maintenance work at the Canyon, are no longer functioning. The chain won’t stay on the smallest ring under any kind of load. Luckily, I have been set […]

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staying warm in a cold and windy place

With the clouds hanging heavily on the mountain tops and a fierce, frigid, wind blowing from the north I ride back to the highway. Once I reach the highway a north wind is a tail wind – for the most part – and the ride to Bishop, where I hope to have somewhere to stay […]

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mono lake

Doris, John and I set off in the morning in their car for a day trip that will encompass the area around June Lake, Mono Lake and Brodie. We start by driving past the series of lakes on the scenic route into June Lake which I skipped the previous evening in the very uncharacteristic, for […]

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the other side

On the other side of the pass I am presented with a landscape that I could have never imagined. I drop effortlessly 3000 feet down into the valley on the west of the Sierras feeling like I am suddenly on another planet. People had talked to me of the high desert and I realise now […]

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city treats and american life

On arriving in the metropolis, I discover that San Francisco is, in fact, a number of cities separated by water and linked by bridges, only some of which can be traversed by bicycle. By some chance, everybody I know lives in East Bay, on the other side of Bay Bridge, which is one of the […]

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losing myself on the lost coast

I start to develop the urge to arrive in San Francisco when there is still 400 miles, or so, to go. I ride along the glorious coastline, in and out of giant redwood forest, but I am driven forward by an urge I can’t quite put my finger on. However, my relentless advance doesn’t stop […]

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learning a little of the north-west

By morning, the weather has cleared and Babs, Dennis and I set off to explore the area around Forks. Cape Flattery is the north-western corner of the Washington Peninsula and it is a dramatic, beautiful coastline. We drive along a coastal road that passes through Neah Bay, home to the Makah people. We walk on […]

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