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exit peru

PERÚ: TRES CAÑONES — ESPINAR — LLAMAC — PUNO — YUNGUYO Perú is endlessly fascinating and l feel I have barely scratched the surface but there always comes a time to leave. With the Andean wet season setting in, the prospect of – maybe – getting to Patagonia this season, rather than next, starts to […]

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exit south

The unexciting but essential bus journey to Quito/Tumbaco and back successfully accomplished, nothing remains but to cycle to the border. Bye bye, Ecuador.

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cotopaxi (or: the art of leaving)

I’m always leaving and so you think I’d be good at it but I’m not. It’s still a wrench, a sundering. On my last night in Tumbaco I return to the Casa de Ciclista to say goodbye to friends there. Once the leaving is done the unknown future becomes now and the world appears anew […]

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at sea

Miramar, a tiny ragged port town, is even smaller and more tawdry than Portobello. I make straight for the dock where I am immediately accosted by a man who hurries me to meet Angel, the captain of a cargo boat heading for Colombia. Angel names his price and the deal is done. We leave early […]

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panamanian farewell

I thought I had cleverly planned my departure to avoid wet season rain but in the end Panama bid me a soggy and unglamourous farewell. Once over the bridge and on the east of the Canal my task is to find a yacht, cargo boat or motor launch to take me through the San Blas […]

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escaping costa rica

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leaving guatemala

Once again, I’m leaving. A few parting images of Guatemala.

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leaving san jose

I’m always leaving and so you’d think that I’d be good at it. But I’m not. It pains me considerably to rupture the friendships that are forming, despite themselves, with the people at Bio Itza. Reginaldo invites me to eat with him and his family on Friday night and then the following day Paula, the […]

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leaving mexico

Since the extreme temperatures in the middle of the day make an early start imperative, I decide to try to get my papers sorted when I return from Yaxchamil so that I can get on my bike and leave first thing in the morning. I locate the immigration office opposite the museum and approach the […]

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back on the bike

My stay in the area of Mexico City and Puebla has turned out to be a very extended one. By the time I ride out of Puebla, heading south towards San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas, it is almost two months since I first arrived in Mexico City and I have only ridden the […]

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