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losing it in la moskitia, episode 3

After days of eating and resting in Ahuas, I decide the time has come to tackle the next section of La Moskitia wilderness. Leaving the settlement, as I ride alongside the official Ahuas airstrip, young men on motor-bikes pass me on their way to work on a clandestine narco airstrip somewhere not far away. I […]

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losing it in la moskitia, episode 2

Setting off from Brus the second time I don’t really have any more useful information than I did the first time but I am determined. I make it back to the confounding fork without incident (apart from my third river crossing). I pause to investigate the left option for a second time and then take […]

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arriving in brus, leaving brus and then returning to brus (or: losing it in la moskitia, episode 1)

It can’t be said often enough that the easiest – and sometimes the only – way to travel in La Moskitia is by water. The journey from Belem to Brus is simply achieved in this fashion: dawn start, blue skies, calm water. No worries. When I arrive it is still early. Breakfast and exploration are […]

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