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Looking at the image below you might imagine that the pile of twenty peso bills is worth more than the pile of ten peso bills. However, you are wrong. Cuba has two currencies: Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) and Cuban National Pesos (CUP). CUC, which are pegged to the US dollar, are worth 25 times the […]

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the running man

The running man is a nice touch in pedestrian traffic management. Road crossings in Mexico are governed by a timer that counts down the seconds, accompanied by an animated figure which starts out walking calmly but as the seconds tick by starts running faster and faster. I find this endlessly entertaining but of no practical […]

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A few miscellaneous Mexican images…

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a few days in puebla

Puebla is a town with a lot of churches but I am more intrigued by these masks prominently displayed in a shop window. I spend most of my time in Puebla taking photos for JUCONI, an organisation that helps working children (and their families) affected by violence. I can’t share those photos with you here, […]

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