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mud and mist

Once I leave Angamarca it’s not long before clouds descend again. The road is a muddy quagmire and it’s time to pay for yesterday’s descent.

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walking to el mirador

The remains of the ancient city of El Mirador is one of the earliest Mayan sites yet discovered. It sits deep in the jungle not far from the border between northern Guatemala and Mexico. While most people are content to simply visit the nearby and much more famous and, therefore, accessible Tikal, El Mirador is […]

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getting my feet muddy again

I head towards Calakmul, not primarily to see the ruins, but to enter the jungle again. Calakmul is 60 kilometres off the main highway, deep in the wilderness. I am slowed to a snail’s pace on the ride in by my recent purchase of a field guide to Mexican birds. I am halted every few […]

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into the wilderness

I set off through the jungle and the road is manageable, if not relaxing. No one state lasts for so long that it is completely overwhelming. So the day passes, negotiating patches of mud and fending off clouds of mosquitoes while toucans flap from tree to tree overhead, turkeys, guans and carassows stalk across the […]

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the great divide

We leave Pie Town and head for the mountains with snow and storms predicted for the next three days. The road seems innocuous, certainly no rougher than many of the gravel tracks I have followed since I left the coast, but within an hour of leaving I find myself sprawled on the ground, tangled up […]

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