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hanging out with friends

I am devoting a considerable amount of time and effort to feeding myself up while staying with a friend who has a mountain hideaway in between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The day after I arrived a neighbour invited us both to afternoon tea.

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(dis)continuities(2): a stateside interlude

My sister is working on an art project in the vicinity of Chicago so we decide to make the most of a rare moment in which we are both in the same hemisphere. We tussle via internet over who will travel the final miles to make the meeting possible and eventually I lose out and […]

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a pictorial history of mexico

I’ve never been particularly into Diego Rivera so I didn’t get around to seeing his famous murals during my first sojourn in Mexico City. However, glowing reviews from my erstwhile cycling companions, Jeff and Jason, who I caught up with briefly in Puebla, prompted me to make the effort when I returned to the DF […]

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the running man

The running man is a nice touch in pedestrian traffic management. Road crossings in Mexico are governed by a timer that counts down the seconds, accompanied by an animated figure which starts out walking calmly but as the seconds tick by starts running faster and faster. I find this endlessly entertaining but of no practical […]

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A few miscellaneous Mexican images…

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I might not have been doing very much riding recently but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still pretty active at times. Two volcanoes, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl, dominate the landscape near Mexico City and Puebla. Popo, as an active volcano, is out of bounds but the urge to climb Itza proves irresistible. The climb is […]

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a few days in puebla

Puebla is a town with a lot of churches but I am more intrigued by these masks prominently displayed in a shop window. I spend most of my time in Puebla taking photos for JUCONI, an organisation that helps working children (and their families) affected by violence. I can’t share those photos with you here, […]

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talking to god

Puebla has a lot of church-going folk but not all of them have a clear understanding of the best way to attract God’s attention, apparently.

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Big cities exert a strange fascination and I’m glad to have a chance to get to know Mexico City a bit. My excuse for an extended stay in the D.F. is provided by David, an old friend from Sydney, who is meeting me here in the metropolis as the starting point for a couple of […]

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We set out from Guachochi towards Sinforosa Canyon on foot and cover the 20 odd kilometres in a few hours with the help of a couple of lifts from locals in the back of pickup trucks. We hike down to a suspension bridge that marks the end of vehicle roads and camp for the night […]

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