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panamanian farewell

I thought I had cleverly planned my departure to avoid wet season rain but in the end Panama bid me a soggy and unglamourous farewell. Once over the bridge and on the east of the Canal my task is to find a yacht, cargo boat or motor launch to take me through the San Blas […]

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bye bye santa catalina

It’s official. I’m on the road again. This is it. Heat and dust. Black tarmac. Snacks wolfed down standing by the road. Afternoon rain. Smiles and cold water in a village shop. Aching shaky legs. The search for a place to spend the night. A map hinting at endless possibilities. A track leading into the […]

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scattered impressions

The impossible enormity of the task of attempting to record everything disheartens me. Seemingly indelible images unfold before my eye in a constant stream – vivid and fresh – but by the end of the day they are faded and dull, lost in the vast ocean of impressions. The flash of a bright yellow-orange bird […]

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existential dilemmas

Riding the freeway across a flat desolate industrial area of Vera Cruz, I wrestle with the fundamental existential dilemma: Is enjoying yourself essentially the same as not enjoying yourself? Somewhat reluctantly I reach the conclusion that it is probably so. So I wonder why I only wish to record the pleasing and the beautiful here […]

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an impromptu interview

The sun has already dissolved into the hazy humid air and vanished in a red haze below the horizon. The air is still, hot and damp. Three men standing by a sleek black car with darkly tinted windows don’t initially inspire confidence in me or predispose me to stop but one of them waves a […]

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sharing the road in mexico

As soon as we reach the highway, after twelve miles of dirt road, we are forced to contemplate the frightening prospect of sharing a narrow highway, with no shoulder, with giant trucks. The constant stream of huge rigs thundering by is terrifying. We spy a roadside cafe in the distance and retreat indoors to gather […]

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A fish advertising something on the road to Modesto.

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losing myself on the lost coast

I start to develop the urge to arrive in San Francisco when there is still 400 miles, or so, to go. I ride along the glorious coastline, in and out of giant redwood forest, but I am driven forward by an urge I can’t quite put my finger on. However, my relentless advance doesn’t stop […]

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fed-ex to the rescue (or, an unlikely guardian angel)

I am riding along a rural back-road, a scene of green fields and barbed wire fences, blackberry brambles and grazing cows. Golden sun warms the afternoon air. I hear persistent barking ahead. I look up and see a black and white dog running apace with a car travelling towards me, lunging and snapping at the […]

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highway 101

I ride along with no plan other than to travel south. Washington disappears under my wheels quickly, leaving me with only a series of flickering hazy images of impoverished hamlets – small groups of houses in various states of dilapidation, surrounded by pick up trucks and rusting car bodies. After 80 miles, late in the […]

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