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sleeping over the ocean

I was planning to ride to a state park in Brookings just north of the California state line for the ease and convenience of the hiker/biker camp but I have mixed feelings about it. The last two nights I have camped in hiker/biker camps, first at Cape Argo and then at Humbug Mountain, with the […]

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weather reports

The weather has been beautiful as I’ve ridden down the coast – balmy, warm days cooling down slightly in the evening when the sun sets. I have been blessed with an unusually warm dry summer which is drifting gently into a warm dry autumn. I exist in a total media blackout, paying not the slightest […]

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mycologia (part 3)

The road drifts away from the shoreline as rocky cliffs give way to shifting sand dunes on Oregon’s coast. I pass a sign indicating a campground and continue climbing to the top of a long hill. I am riding through forest on a still warm afternoon. Fireweed, a roadside companion that has been with me […]

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west coast reflections

Everything is slightly out of kilter for me on the Pacific west coast. It is the mornings that are misty here. The sun rises – in the east, like it always does – behind the hills and as it creeps upwards light spills in luminous sheets and shafts through gaps and fissures in the ranges, […]

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bike shops, book shops and sea lions

In Newport, I visit the bike shop in the hope of getting a kickstand for my bike. I am really sick of finding places to lean my bike when I stop on the road to take a photo or have a snack or any number of other reasons. Often there is nowhere suitable and I […]

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a short walk on the beach

A short walk on the beach offers a multitude of treasures.

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mycologia (part 2)

I set off from Cape Lookout, riding along a road which winds along the cliffs high above the ocean. After the racoon incident, I obviously need to replenish my supplies and I make a number of stops at various grocery stores in the towns I pass through during the day. I am irritated to discover […]

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a midnight visitation

I’m up and away early to avoid early morning dog walkers – the worst scourge of the demi-urban wild camper. Today, I have an evening destination in mind and it is about sixty miles (100 kilometres) away which is, in theory, an easier day than the previous three or four. I want to camp at […]

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endless possibilities

This is clearly an event to be avoided.

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highway 101

I ride along with no plan other than to travel south. Washington disappears under my wheels quickly, leaving me with only a series of flickering hazy images of impoverished hamlets – small groups of houses in various states of dilapidation, surrounded by pick up trucks and rusting car bodies. After 80 miles, late in the […]

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