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cloud gazing with lauri

I suppose that people might think that living in a small village on the Pacific coast of Panama is an endless holiday but in general, it is not. However, my friend Lauri came to visit me recently and we  did take a holiday together.

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a sign of life

My very good friend Lauri came to visit me recently and bought a load of goodies that are hard to get hold of in these parts. And one of these items was a new computer. So the blog might get a new lease of life now.

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santa catalina: making ties

This post is the equivalent of a whole pile of baby photos. So, if that kind of things nauseates you just skip it and go on to the next one. If not, meet Paco, my sometime dog.

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all about coconuts

One of the best things about spending some time standing still for a while is opportunity to cook and play in a real kitchen. Living in the tropics, as I do, I am surrounded by coconut trees which probably pose a far greater hazard to my safety than camping out in the wilds but they […]

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whale shark

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The idea of managing a hostel never occurred to me before the opportunity spontaneously presented itself to me in Santa Catalina but having been the recipient of countless different forms of hospitality over the last couple of years it immediately appealed to me. I was directed to Blue Zone when I first arrived in the […]

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underwater world

Just in case you’ve been wondering what has been keeping me, this is where I’ve been. Sadly, I don’t have an underwater housing for my camera and since the one that fits my camera costs about $800 it’s  unlikely I’ll be getting one any time soon. So I am reduced to scrounging photos from other […]

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pacific dreams and real estate schemes

Santa Catalina is a fishing village circled by real estate sharks. There is already blood in the water and so it is only a matter of time before the feeding frenzy begins in earnest. But right now you can still meet a surfer from Devon there who attended the same boarding school as Winston Churchill […]

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the blue zone

The news is…. I have a job! I am managing a hostel in Santa Catalina. The Blue Zone is a laid back surfer hang out that comes complete with a charming house with an ocean view, a slightly crazy dog and a definitively crazy cat. It the slow season and the regular manager is taking […]

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