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leaving Prague

I left Prague in a whirl – the last few days were spent trying to cram the bike in a box and all my other things into bags in between meeting friends for a last minute dinner, a hurried goodbye drink, dropping off something here, picking up something there, rushing off to the shops for […]

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packing chaos

I’m camping on my friends’ lounge room floor after moving out of my own apartment a couple of weeks ago. Melda and Jakub have been pretty tolerant of the growing piles of stuff colonising all available floor space in their lounge room and kitchen; bike box, tents, piles of clothes, tools, panniers, video camera, digital […]

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a selection of photos from the META project

A few photos taken by the young people who took part in the META project. These images are from the selection that were exhibited at the Kampa Community Centre in Prague at the end of the series of workshops held at META between March and May 2009 .

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first META workshop

We held the first workshop on Saturday 21, March 2009, and were overwhelmed by almost double the number of participants we were expecting. All the fuses blew while I was setting up the computers and slide projects causing a few slight technical hitches but everybody seemed to have fun. We should have some photos online […]

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Many thanks to the people who donated to the META photo project in Prague. We received a diverse selection of second-hand digital cameras and $950 in cash. These contributions combined with voluntary labour have made the project possible. Cameras were donated by: Istvan Pap Elizabeth and Milan Polak Arne Johan Erikson Gordon Smith Financial contributions […]

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